Bedford Hiking Club

Members carpooled from church to Lynchburg's Percival Island for May's hike.  This time some bicycled along the level path two and a half miles to the end and then back.  Others chose to stroll part way out and back and still others found comfort relaxing.  The weather was perfect.  Afterwards we enjoyed really good pizza at Waterstone Pizza which is adjacent to the starting point.

Percival Isl-2017_001 

It all starts with just one person.

Percival Isl-2017_002 

Before long you have a whole group.

 Percival Isl-2017_003

The Bedford Hiking Club at the start of Percival's Island

Percival Isl-2017_004

Jan and friend on one of the converted rail road bridges over the James River.


Percival Isl-2017_005  

The James River (looking west).

Percival Isl-2017_006 

The steel girder bridge over the east side of the island

Percival Isl-2017_007 

The view to the west from the steel girder bridge.


Percival Isl-2017_009 

John and Betty relaxing




Percival Isl-2017_010  

The Parkers enjoying the hike.

Percival Isl-2017_011 

We all enjoyed the pizza after the activity.























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